Year of Childhood 2021 Edition

Read the latest edition of Safety NET-works, which has all the latest news from SCSN and across the community safety sector including;

  • Year of Childhood 2021
  • SCSN & start youth conversation on ASB
  • SCSN Updates
  • Question of the Month
  • SCSN Conversations with…Jessica Smith, Children’s Parliament
  • Webinar Learning Reports 
  • Upcoming Community Safety Sector events
  • SCSN Blog: Scottish Youth Parliament Manifesto 2021 
  • Fearless/Barnardos Child Criminal Exploitation Campaign
  • Guest blog: Pre-trial detention of Children in Young Offender’s Institutions & Prisons
  • Scottish Justice Fellows put research to work
  • SCSN Blog: #SheWasJustWalkingHome
  • Case study: Working with the Improvement Service to measure inequality
  • Local Place Plan Regulations Consultation
  • Community Councils Covid-19 responses
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scotland News
  • Home Safety Scotland News
  • In other news…

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