In light of the COP26 global event in Glasgow, and the impact of climate change becoming ever more apparent across Scotland the UK, SCSN facilitated a workshop, to identify how climate change might affect community safety.

On Tuesday 19 October 2021, SCSN hosted and facilitated a 2-hour online workshop. Over 30 people attended from a spectrum of community safety organisations. Attendees included representatives from RoSPA, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Leads, SEPA, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and the Scottish Flood Forum.


Prior to the workshop, SCSN identified 5 key impacts of climate change to explore in further detail with attendees. This was achieved through a rapid evidence review of policy documents, including the recent IPCC report on climate change (2021) and the UK Climate Risk Assessment (2021). The 5 areas identified and discussed in the workshop were (1) Increased Rainfall and Flooding, (2) Hotter Weather and Heatwaves, (3) Coastal Erosion, (4) Pests and Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) and (5) Extreme Weather Events.

You can read the event learning report in full here.

View the PDF of the Jam Board of the event discussion here.