Community Safety Research 2021

The Scottish Community Safety Network (SCSN) are delighted to publish the final reports (including a summary report) for four research projects we commissioned from MainSt Consulting around Community Safety earlier this year. These projects built on previous research into the emerging landscape and future opportunities for Community Safety.

Read the full research and view the videos here.



We’ve been running a number of online webinar events over the past few months and we have been providing write ups of these in the SCSN Learning section of our website, as well as video recordings of these events. You can also check out the Events Section of our website for upcoming community safety related events from partner organisations.

Launch of Community Safety ‘Experiences & Perceptions’ Animation – 16 June

Causation factors of Unintentional Injury in the Home – 29 June

Question of the Month

“Have you ever had an accident in the home that resulted in an injury requiring treatment?”

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