We believe in evidence based policy in community safety focused on prevention.

Academic and other research is one extremely useful resource for community safety practitioners and other professionals working in community safety.

But we feel it would be remiss not to also see books, including literature, as another hugely important resource in shaping policy and changing attitudes around many community safety issues.

On this page, we compile what we think is a useful reading list for anyone working in community safety or towards building safer communities.

We hope you enjoy some of our suggestions!

TitleAuthorCategoryMain Topics
ChavsOwen JonesNon FictionPoverty, Class, Inequality
The Spirit Level: why equality is better for everyoneRichard Wilkinson & Kate PickettNon FictionInequality, economics, policy
The Health GapProfessor Michael MarmotNon FictionHealth inequality, inequality, public health
Drugs Without the Hot AirProf David NuttNon FictionDrugs, War on Drugs, Drug Policy
The Body Keeps the ScoreBessel van der KolkNon FictionTrauma, health
When the Body Says NoGabor MateNon FictionTrauma, stress, health
A Sense of FreedomJimmy BoyleNon FictionPrison, Crime Prevention, Rehabilitation of Offenders
Euphoric RecallAidan MartinNon FictionAddiction, drugs, trauma
ResurrectionLeo TolstoyFictionPenal Reform
Discipline & PunishMichel FoucaultNon FictionPunishment, Penal Reform
The Good Prison Officer: Inside PerspectivesAndi BrierlyNon FictionPrisons
The Ten PercentSimon McLeanNon FictionPolicing
Chasing the ScreamJohann HariNon FictionWar on Drugs, Drugs Policy
Of Boys and MenRichard ReevesNon FictionMale role models, male violence
Revolting ProstitutesJuno Mac, Molly SmithNon FictionSex workers
A Brief History of MisogynyJack HollandNon FictionMisogyny, VAWG
Enough: The violence against women and how to end itHarriet JohnsonNon FictionVAWG
Poverty SafariDarren McGarveyNon FictionPoverty, Inequality, Community
The Ballad of Reading GaolOscar WildePoetryPrisons, Penal Reform
The Myth of Normal: Illness and Healing in a Toxic CultureDr Gabor MateNon FictionTrauma, Health & Wellbeing, Addiction
In the Realm of Hungry GhostsDr Gabor MateNon FictionDrugs, Addiction, Trauma
Stigma: notes on the management of spoiled identityErving GoffmanNon FictionStigma
Straight JacketMatthew ToddNon FictionLGBTI, Trauma, Addiction
Waking the Tiger, Healing the TraumaPeter LevineNon FictionTrauma
Governing Police Stops Across EuropeSofie de KimpeNon FictionPolicing