Core to SCSN work is facilitating information sharing so that stakeholders are informed of and engaged with new and emerging practice and national policy. In this section you will find a full range of publications covering both local and national practice, data sources and community safety related policy and strategy documents.

Safety NET-works

Safety NET-works is SCSN’s monthly newsletter which includes all the latest news from SCSN and across the community safety sector.

Community Safety Media Monitor

The SCSN Media Monitor provides a snapshot of Community Safety related media/press stories from across Scotland, the UK and sometimes internationally.

SCSN Reports

SCSN publications are produced through research with our member organisations. They provide a snapshot of where community safety in Scotland is at and how the community safety sector is contributing to the national agenda and national drivers.


The SCSN regularly supports Community Safety campaigns of partner organisations, and we are members of the annual Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) #FireworkSafety campaign.

SCSN Consultation Responses

SCSN regularly contributes responses to government and partner consultations. You can download or read our consultation responses on this page.

Briefing Papers

Our briefing papers focus on specific topics, themes or policy within the community safety agenda. They provide all the relevant legislative background, statistics and where appropriate a cost-benefit analysis.


Our Blog page features blog posts from the SCSN staff team on a range of topics. We mainly blog on community safety policy areas or what we’ve been working on as an organisation, but we also occasionally write reflective blog posts on things like our working culture. We also invite guest bloggers from partner organisations to write for us.

Case Studies

Across Scotland, a range of projects are run each year with the ultimate aim of making our communities safer. Case Studies highlight the work of local and national projects and provide a vehicle to share learning across a range community safety themes.

Toolkits & Resources

Working with the community safety sector, we have developed a range of toolkits and resources that will assist local planning and decision making. We also host some useful tool kits and resources from our partners in the Community Safety Sector.

If you would like assistance or more information on any of the toolkits, please contact us at

Guidance Documents

A range of guidance doucments have been created, primarily by the Scottish Government’s Community Safety Unit to support the community safety sector. Links to the most current and relevant have been included below.

Policy and Strategy 

This section provides both current and historical publications of relevance to the community safety sector; providing a one stop centre to access policy frameworks and research materials produced by the Scottish Government and other partners and agencies.

Effective Interventions

Produced in partnership with Glasgow University, Effective Intervention Reviews provide independent academic research from across the UK on a range of community safety topics. The reports are exclusively drawn from research that has demonstrated a rigorous evaluation methodology.

National Data Sources

The community safety sector in Scotland has and continues to be groundbreaking in its extensive use of evidence to direct service delivery. This section provides current statistical evidence to support a broad range of safety initiatives.