Lorraine Gillies, SCSN Chief Officer

I always think of January as a planning month. It’s when the Scottish Community Safety Network staff team and board sit down together and plan our activity for the year. The events we will deliver, the meetings we will facilitate, the briefing papers we intend to produce, the dates for our board meetings etc…

This year we are planning a new Strategic Plan. For us, this starts with the staff team. In my career, it’s often frustrated me that, as a front line worker or service manager, the hallowed STRATEGIC PLAN was a thing that came down from above, with very little involvement from anyone outwith the senior management team. But this was the thing you were expected to deliver on! That your work plan was designed to reflect.

Partnership involvement in strategic planning can also be a bit haphazard – is this what you thought it might look like?

So, our plan is planned a little bit differently, it looks a wee bit different too! Here’s our current one ->

And here’s how we made it – https://www.safercommunitiesscotland.org//scsn-strategic-plan/

We started the process of developing our new plan this month with a good old staff development session. We reviewed our aims, values, and outcomes, did some SWOT and PEST analyses and the beginnings of a plan fell out of that.

We know that whatever we do we will do it with compassion and kindness, prevention will be at the forefront and fantastic leadership will be encouraged. Whatever else will be firmed up as we continue the process.

Next step is with the board and then we will be in touch with our members and stakeholders to invite them to join us as we draw up our plan with @listenthinkdraw.

Give me a shout if you want to be a part of that!