On this page you will find information and reports from previous projects funded by the Mark McCall Home Safety Fund.

2022 Winners: Care & Repair Lanarkshire

Care & Repair in Lanarkshire were announced as winners of the inaugural Mark McCall Home Safety Fund. The announcement was made at the latest meeting of the Cross Party Group on Accident Prevention and Safety Awareness at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

This project provided a home safety risk assessment and advice service to parents or full-time carers of pre-school age children to mitigate against hazards in the home that may result in an unintentional injury. In addition, it provided home safety equipment where a need was identified, and the individual was unable to meet this cost.

The project aimed to:

1) Provide a pro-active approach directed towards reducing falls among pre-school aged children and

2) Contribute to reducing the risk of unintentional injuries within the home environment.

These aims were achieved by using a person-centred delivery approach to establish client needs and identify existing and possible future hazards within the home and to mitigate or entirely remove the identified hazards. Clients were identified through referrals from partner agencies. Following home visit clients had hazards mitigated or removed, keeping them safer, reducing the likelihood of injury or harm, and reducing the severity of injury where injury might have occurred.

You can read the full project report here.