September Results

Our Question of the Month for September was based on our ‘Mental Health & Suicide Prevention’ themed newsletter.

We published a new Safer Communities Scotland Podcast on ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’ with John Gibson of the Canmore Trust & marked World Suicide Prevention Day on 11 September.

In the Podcast we discussed suicide stigma and the importance of talking about suicidal feelings.

We asked:

“Would you feel comfortable raising the topic of suicide or suicidal thinking with a friend or loved one?”

  • 80% said Yes (12 votes)
  • 20% said No (3 votes)
  • 0% said Not Sure (Zero votes)

Question of the Month October

Our Question of the Month for October relates to our #FireworkSafety & Bonfire Night newsletter theme.

We’re interested to know to what extent people understand the laws in Scotland around fireworks.

We’re asking:

If asked, could you name one of the changes to fireworks legislation in Scotland since 2022?