August Results

Our Question of the Month for August 2023 was based around our August newsletter theme of ‘Celebrating Community Safety Partnerships’.

Community Safety Partnerships carry out a lot of work in local communities, but very often can be something of an invisible hand – influencing and shaping our communities in ways that might not be obvious to the casual observer.

We wanted to know:

“Are you aware of the work of your local Community Safety Partnership?”

  • 66.67% said Yes (6 Votes)
  • 33.33% said No (3 Votes)
  • 0% said Not Sure (0 Votes)

Question of the Month September 2023

Our Question of the Month for September comes out of our newsletter theme for the month of ‘Mental Health and Suicide Prevention’.

Our latest Safer Communities Scotland Podcast episode with John Gibson of the Canmore Trust focussed specifically on suicide prevention & awareness raising.

We’re asking:

“Do partners think a dedicated funding resource should be established to support a uniform approach to the provision of Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) nationally?”