Results for May

Our last Safety NETworks newsletter was themed on Home Safety. It featured our latest Safer Communities Podcast episode with Dr Vikki McCall
of the University of Stirling – where we discussed her work and wider research on inclusive home adaptations and inclusion by design.

For our Question of the Month, we asked:

Do you think we should be integrating inclusive design into our homes and environments more systematically? “

  • 100% said Yes (18 votes)
  • 0% said No
  • 0% said Not Sure

Question of the Month June 2023

Our Question of the Month for June relates to our Equalities/Diversity newsletter theme of the month.

We chose this theme because June plays host to both Pride Month and Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Month.

This month we’re asking:

Do you agree that the working age population is a useful resource for delivering messages to prevent unintentional harm?