Information about the law on using fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Extra measures to prevent the misuse of fireworks and pyrotechnics in public places including sporting and live music events have come into force. This is to help protect public safety. 

From 6 June 2023 unless you have a ‘reasonable excuse’ or are exempt, you will be breaking the law if you are found to have: 

  • any firework or pyrotechnic other than category 1 fireworks (for example party poppers, novelty crackers and sparklers) in any public place including the street and parks 
  • any firework (including category 1) or pyrotechnic, such as handheld flares, at sport and live music events in venues that can hold 1000 or more people 

It is already a criminal offence to take or try to take a pyrotechnic into football matches.

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