Results for March

Our Question of the Month for March related to our ‘Trauma Informed Society’ themed newsletter.

We published a Podcast with Aidan Martin, author & CEO of The Scheme Livi, who was also a panellist at our screening of the ‘Wisdom of Trauma – with Dr Gabor Mate’ film. Aidan kindly provided us with our question.

We asked:

“Is our prison system in Scotland trauma informed?”

  • 13% said Yes (4 votes)
  • 80% said No (24 votes)
  • 7% said Not Sure (2 votes)

Question of the Month April 2023

Our Question of the Month for April relates to our ‘Place & Rural’ newsletter theme – but is also relevant to considerations around anti-social behaviour & other community safety issues.

We’re asking:

What is the key issue you would like to discuss at the BSC Unintentional Injury Learning Event?