Our Question of the Month for March 2023 comes from our Safer Communities Scotland Podcast Interviewee Aidan Martin, author & CEO of The Scheme Livi.

Aidan is also a panellist at our ‘Wisdom of Trauma with Dr Gabor Mate’ film screening.

We’re asking:

How well do you think data/evidence is used in strategic planning within partnerships?

Results for February

Our Question of the Month for February related to our Online Safety and Cyber Security themed newsletter, and came from Mike Smith of the Cyber and Fraud Centre, one of two guests on our Safer Communities Scotland Podcast.

On the Podcast, we discussed the benefits to cyber security of a Password Manager.

We asked:

“Does your organisation provide staff with a Password Manager?”

  • 23% said Yes (3 votes)
  • 62% said No (8 votes)
  • 15% said Not Sure (2 votes)