Question of the Month November Results

Our Question of the Month for November to December was based around the #16DaysofActivism on Violence Against Women & Girls.

In our last newsletter, we covered a new online resource from the charity Refuge which helps people to identify and offers support around ‘Tech Abuse’.

We asked:

“Would you know how to spot that yourself or someone you knew was a victim of tech abuse?”

  • 0% said Yes
  • 67% said No
  • 33% said Not Sure

You can find out more about Tech Abuse on the Refuge Charity website.

Question of the Month December 2022

Our Question of the Month for December relates to winter preparedness, health & the cost of living crisis.

December has seen arctic temperatures hit Scotland against the back drop of a fuel costs crisis.

We’re asking:

Based on available evidence, increasing the length of prison sentences will not reduce crime