Responding to the cost of living crisis, campaigning charity, Electrical Safety First, has launched a grant scheme to help reduce electrical risk in the home. Around half of all domestic fires in the UK are caused by electricity, with most arising from electrical products.

The charity has made up to £100,000 available, via its Electrical Safety Fund, to support electrical safety initiatives focusing on the risks from misuse, or lack of maintenance, of electrical goods ─ all key causes of fire. Grants are open to local consumer protection and safety organisations, such as Fire and Rescue Services, Trading Standards, and other charities. The Fund will offer grants of £5,000 for smaller projects run by a single organisation, while up to £10,000 may be made available for joint, collaborative, or larger projects.

The cost-of-living crisis means people are using a range of methods to keep energy bills down, but they may end up paying a much higher price than expected. For example, as bills rise, some will use a portable heater as an alternative to heating the whole house. However, they need to be used carefully, particularly by older or vulnerable people. And when money is tight, it’s likely many will unknowingly purchase unsafe items online, use old items stored in the loft or shed, or be more inclined to buy second-hand – putting lives at risk. By funding activity by community organisations, Electrical Safety First aims to increase awareness of electrical safety to change behaviour and provide direct support that will help keep people safe.

The deadline date for applications to the Electrical Safety Fund is midnight, Sunday 23rd October 2022. For more information on the fund, please click here or go to