Results for August

Our Question of the Month for August related to our ‘Alcohol & Other Drugs’ themed newsletter, and our Podcast/SCSN Conversations With…interview with Simon McLean of LEAP Scotland.

We asked:

Do you believe prohibition of drugs makes communities safer or more dangerous?”

  • 16% said ‘Safer’ (5 votes)
  • 75% said ‘More Dangerous’ (24 votes)
  • 9% said ‘Not Sure’ (3 votes)

Question of the Month for September

The Cost of Living Crisis is affecting vast swathes of the UK population as energy bills & food prices have pushed inflation to highs not seen in decades.

Too many people are likely to face a choice between heating or eating this winter. Sir Michael Marmot has recently warned of the major health implications of people being cold & poor this winter.

We’re asking:

Do you believe drug consumption rooms would improve community safety in your area?