In November last year, Glasgow held the COP26 Climate Conference. Like many people, we’d also been becoming increasingly aware of news items/articles, research and warnings being issued by climate scientists – which began to make it crystal clear that climate change would have a serious impact across a range of community safety areas of interest. In other words, we realised that far from being a side issue, the climate crisis is a fundamental issue to community safety.

Last month, the UK recorded it’s hottest and first ever 40C day, with a short but intense heatwave causing severe issues for communities.

This week the UK is facing a longer (though less intense) heatwave. Climate scientists say that the UK will continue to experience extreme weather events with increasing frequency – with one climate scientist saying that just a few decades from now, 40C days in summer will seem cool – and warning that severe climate impacts are already inevitable, meaning that we must begin to adapt now to a changed climate to avoid disastrous consequences.

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