The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) is providing research funding to researchers based at SIPR member universities. These innovative and original research projects will contribute to SIPR Strategic Research Priorities overall but will focus on the challenges and emerging issues related to our third strategic aim Policing systems, capability, and resilience”.

There are increasing and changing demands on policing with evidence of increasing complexity for response, investigations and ensuring best practice to support the public and communities. The level and pace of change in policing presents both opportunities and challenges including:

  • Ensuring colleagues have the right skills, capability and capacity;
  • Supporting new and innovative approaches to operational policing;
  • Making the best use of data, analysis, evidence and insights;
  • Continuing to focus on equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights in policing practice and within the organisation; and
  • Colleague wellbeing, safety and protection.

The Scottish Police Authority and Police Scotland are committed to development and support of our workforce, with a strategic outcome in the overarching Strategic Police Plan focused on supporting our people through a positive working environment to enable them to serve the public.  Applicants may also wish to consider how their proposals align with underpinning Policing research priorities in this area:

  • Improving colleague wellbeing and support
  • Improving recruitment and retention of officers and staff to better reflect the people and communities of Scotland
  • Prevention of violent incidents against our officers and staff
  • Understanding the culture of policing to support the development of confident, empowered leaders;
  • Improving personal development and learning approaches for officers and staff; and
  • Design, evaluation and understanding of approaches to reduce and prevent crime and vulnerability.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of your project idea to ensure it would be appropriate for the remit of this grant, please contact either:

Professor Denise Martin (SIPR Associate Director and leader of the Education and Leadership Network –, or
Monica Boyle (SIPR Knowledge Exchange and Business Manager (