February Results

Our Question of the Month for February-March related to LGBT History Month. As covered in our Equalities Edition, the UK was recently listed by the European Council alongside Russia, Turkey, Hungary and Poland as being a hostile environment for LGBT people, largely driven by increasing discussion around trans rights – with LGBT hate crime also increasing.

We asked:

“Do you feel that Scotland is a safe & welcoming place for LGBT people?

· 37% said Yes (7 votes)

· 37% said No (7 votes)

· 26% said Not Sure (5 votes)

Question of the Month March – April

At the end of March we will conclude our six month trial of a four day working week. We’ve been collecting views from our staff team as we have progressed, as well as posting some blog pieces.

But we also want to know how our members and stakeholders have found this period.

We’re asking:

Should support from the Community Planning Partnership be provided to community groups to put on organised bonfire/fireworks displays?