The SCSN believes the Climate Crisis is the most important issue that we all face. The existential nature of the climate crisis and global warming alone mean that it is worthy of being in all of our thoughts on a daily basis.

Community Safety will not escape the impacts of climate change, and indeed, as our 2021 ‘Climate Change and Community Safety’ event showed, the climate crisis is already impacting and will continue to directly impact on community safety areas of interest.

Even where it may not touch directly on areas of community safety, what use is there, for example, in working to create fairer and more equitable societies or laws, if all that we rely on to sustain life as we know it is under threat?

It is for these reasons that our monthly newsletters and Media Monitors will now feature a permanent section dedicated to news, events and actions around the climate crisis and addressing the biggest crisis we have ever faced. Only by working together, in communities, can find and implement the solutions that will save us from disaster.

If you are running an event, project or have a story relating to the climate crisis of particular relevance to community safety, we’d love to share it in our newsletter or via our communications channels!

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