Question of the Month Results for April

Our last newsletter was themed on the Year of Childhood 2021. In that newsletter, we covered the Scottish Youth Parliament Manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Elections. Our Question of the Month was adapted from one of the policy recommendations from that manifesto.

We asked:

‘Young offenders under the age of 18 should not be imprisoned but given rehabilitative alternatives.’

  • 68% agreed (17 votes)
  • 12% disagreed (3 votes)
  • 20% weren’t sure (5 votes)

Question of the Month, May 2021

This month’s Question of the Month comes from Carol Burt of I Am Me, who we’ve interviewed for our monthly #SCSNConversationsWith… interview.

She want’s to know:

Young offenders under the age of 18 should not be imprisoned, but given rehabilitative alternatives.

If you answer ‘No’, you can find out more about the Keep Safe Initiative here, and by reading our May newsletter.