SCSN statement on Police drones & body worn cameras report

The Scottish Community Safety Network welcomes the Justice Sub-committee on Policing’s – 1st report on Police Scotland’s use of remote piloted aircraft systems and body worn video cameras ): and supports the recommendations made.

In particular we welcome the call for enhanced scrutiny and transparency and accuracy in communication.

We share the Sub-committee’s concerns about limited consultation, communication and engagement with the wider and general public on drones’ expanded use for surveillance in populated areas, beyond searching for missing people in remote areas. 

Our submission to the sub-committee – made clear our concerns that lack of appropriate consultation and engagement can ‘undermine the public trust in policing in Scotland, particularly where a key part of making communities safer is the relationship between communities’.   

Is it inevitable that technology will increasingly be used to keep us safer.  It’s vitally important that the public have confidence in that technology and it’s use.  I welcome these recommendations. 

Lorraine Gillies
Chief Officer, SCSN