Question of the Month for December: Results

Our Question of the Month for December followed the release of the latest Drug Death figures for Scotland, which saw another record set with 1,264 deaths recorded in 2019.

SCSN put out a position statement on the drug deaths figures and policy calling for significant changes to our policies on drugs to reduce preventable deaths and crime.

We asked:

‘Is it now time that we decriminalised drug use?’

· 44% said Yes (11 votes)

· 8% said No (2 votes)

· 48% said Only alongside other measures (12 votes)

Question of the Month for January

This month’s Question of the Month relates to a new report published by the Accounts Commission on digital progress in local authorities (see page 6 of this newsletter).

We’re asking:

How confident do you feel that your local authority is making good progress on developing digital services?