Our Question of the Month for June focussed on the ongoing demonstrations and rejuvenated campaigning on Black Lives Matter in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the United States.

Systemic racism is also a problem in the UK, including in Scotland, with the Covid 19 pandemic highlighting structural and systemic inequalities faced by black and other minority communities.

We asked: ‘With systemic racism having been highlighted again recently, are you confident about how you involve and represent black and other minority voices in your work?’

  • 39% of respondents felt very confident
  • 17% of respondents felt somewhat confident
  • 44% of respondents felt not confident

Question of the Month July 2020

Our Question of the Month for July comes from Roar Communities for Life and ties in with topics discussed in our featured blog by Nicola Hanssen.

Older people feeling that they are independent and have control over their decisions is really important, but is it wise for older people to continue to drive when their ability to do so safely might deteriorate? We’re asking:

“Is community engagement the same as co-production?”