This briefing paper pulls together some of the statistics related to community safety that have been emerging over the last few weeks. In doing so we have been able to identify some notable trends with regards to support for lockdown measures, financial concern, mental health and wellbeing and community spirit. This is an ongoing and rapidly changing situation and we will continue to update this as new findings are identified. You can find part I of our Community Safety Partnerships survey here, and we will be sharing part II in due course.

Some of these findings support other research about the effect the pandemic will have on widening inequalities, the disproportionate effect on particular groups and the concerns that human rights groups have on the effect of emergency legislation on the standards of care and control over their care that certain groups receive. The impact of the pandemic on family and individual stress, mental wellbeing, isolation, drug and alcohol use, invisibility of vulnerable and atrisk people is relevant to anyone working in community safety. The continued uncertainty about income, precarity of housing and accessing essentials affects community safety outcomes too.

Read the Briefing Paper in full here.