Our last Question of the Month was in our February ‘Relationships’ edition of our newsletter. We interviewed Rose Fitzpatrick, Chair of the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group, and she wanted to know:

‘Do you believe that suicide prevention should be everyone’s business?’

  • 97% of respondents said yes (32 votes)
  • 3% said no (1 vote)

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll!

Question of the Month for April

Our Question of the Month for April comes from Gil Gillies – who guest blogs on page 6.  He said, “I’m currently working with Gypsy Traveller Young People in Scotland and am amazed by some shocking statistics that I find. To start a conversation find me on Twitter @Gil_Ian_Gillies“.


28.1% of Gypsy Traveller Leavers leave school with no qualifications at SCQF level 3 or higher, compared to 1.9% for all secondary school leavers. Is there anything we can do about this?