Our December Question of the Month focussed on the fact that while the festive season can be a time of fun and celebration, many people can experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, stress and money worries. So we asked people, ‘Are you OK?’

The results were:

  • 47% of people said yes
  • 33% of people said no
  • 20% of people were unsure

Whilst the sample size was small, it is nonetheless concerning that over 50% of respondents said no or not sure. We hope that your festive period  turned out OK. If not we can provide information on help and support at info@scsn.org.uk

Question of the Month January 2019

Thinking about our newsletter theme, ‘New Year, New Opportunities’, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the following question

“Have you, or has someone you know, struggled to stay warm at home this winter?”