As part of our commitment to ‘transparency in everything we do’, we are publishing our most recent Marketing and Communications Annual Report. This document is written as an internal document to inform our staff and board of our performance over the course of this year, but we are publishing it in order to highlight how important we feel good communication work is. If you can learn anything from our use of communications then great! Keep an eye out for more publications from us coming soon on marketing and communications!


Selling social media

As a networking organisation, we feel the use of social media is particularly important nowadays, but not just for us. Our new business plan, due to be published soon, will emphasise the importance we place on working with partners and getting out of the way of staff to allow them freedom to be bold and brave. Social media use for organisations is part of that. It allows excellent networks and relationships to be established and maintained very easily, and allows the sharing of information and good practice on a large scale. It also allows for discussions to take place locally, nationally and globally around agreed topics.

Traditionally, some organisations have felt that there are too many risks in allowing staff access to social media accounts. However, we feel that social media is a way of building your organisations networks and relationships, but also telling your organisations story. Most of your staff will be part of telling that story and should be able to have some input in getting it out there.

We’ll be producing more on this topic soon, so watch this space!