11th June 2018

‘Better Together’
Partner Inputs and Outcomes

 This event, kindly hosted by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at their East Command Headquarters in Newbridge, Edinburgh was a follow up to the Partners Ambitions Event held on 1 June 2017. Below is a summary of what was discussed and who was present. You can download the full event report here.

The partners represented where:

  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Government Building Safer Communities
  • SCSN
  • RoSPA
  • Crimestoppers
  • SBRC
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scotland
  • SGN
  • Active & Independent Living Scotland – Falls
  • Inspiring Scotland


The key aims for the event were set as:

  • Get to know each other
  • Move towards joint/collaborative working
  • Establish safer communities

 The desired outcomes included a joint partner activity calendar, use of a shared communication platform, a partner seminar and to explore the concept of a Safer Communities Hub.

 After brief introductions and partner updates the event consisted of 4 interactive sessions:

  1. Mapping out current partner activity
  2. Capturing partner communication and engagement – who, what, where and how?
  3. Identifying gaps in BSC delivery
  4. Agreed Action Plan

The formats used included verbal discussion and providing input, thoughts and ideas via post-it notes. As a result a large amount of information was captured and all partners participated freely. The agreed rules for contribution were honest, authentic communication and sharing.

An agreed hashtag for the event was #BSCGetTogether