I’m putting people before process, every time….. What do I mean by that?

I have a new job. I’m Chief Officer of a smallish Scottish national charity, with a small team, wide reach and the usual limited resources. We need to punch above our weight and make best use of the money we have. For me, that’s about using our assets well and focusing on the business. Our best asset is our people. I suspect that’s the same with you. Our small staff team have a wealth of experience and creativity and innovation beyond bounds. Do I want them to be clocking in and out, bound by mundane policies and procedures, stifled by their job descriptions and parameters. No I do not. I want them to fly. Because when they fly, I fly too. I want to nurture creative, innovative risk takers who have carved themselves out the space they need to help me build the best organisation we can.

So, we have turfed out the flexible working fingerprint recorder, We are in the midst of a policy bonfire in favour of a principles based working agreement that places the quality of the work and the well-being of the worker front and centre. It’s OK to dress casually if the business permits it. It’s OK to walk the dog when you are working from home. See my previous blog on working from home…


Feedback already is that it’s quite scary but welcome. Working like this will give us the flexibility and space we need to do what we need to do.

Don’t worry though, we will still be recording what we need do, and measuring what matters..


It’s not just about how we work though that people before process is important. Watch this space for some words on how we are putting people front and centre in our work too….

Lorraine Gillies