Wow, it’s been quite a week…. To say everyday is different is an understatement, to say it’s great is also an understatement.

The Scottish Community Safety Network is my new work home.

For those who don’t know – we are holed up in a well lit but freezy cold office in Thistle Street in Edinburgh. Great location, plenty of space but not perfect.

On day 2, the Scottish COMMUNITY SAFETY Network diced with death as we wrenched a melting plug from a socket. The burning smell had initially been put down to the chip fat in the restaurant below us..!!

Day 3 saw complete and utter rejection of the fingerprint sensor flexible working machine (seriously – it’s the outcomes that count, see my previous blogs)., leading to a commitment to review working practices and holding a not fit for purpose policy bonfire….

Day 4 and I’m in Cambuslang at Fire HQ and there is exciting stuff to talk about around measuring things that are hard to measure and hosting hubs.. More to come…..

Day 5 and I’m working from home, reflecting on my good fortune; a fabulous staff team, great and supportive board, an openness and readiness for change, lots of fantastic opportunities and lots of ideas.

We will be talking to members and stakeholders soon about helping us make plans. Watch this space…