According to ‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’ Scotland’s environmental quality is now starting to deteriorate.

Litter, dog fouling, fly tipping, graffiti, detritus, weed growth and flyposting are the visible indicators or poor environmental quality. According to the report, the improvement in standards has stalled and is now in reverse. The National Cleanliness Benchmarking Report for 2014-15 shows that, for the first time since records began, the trend of continuous improvement has ended. Preliminary results for 2015-16 show, that across various indicators, standards have dropped to levels not seen in this decade.

The report clearly highlights how local authorities are to be commended for their efforts to maintain environmental quality standards, but the ability to keep doing so is in question, due to budget cuts leading to reduced numbers of enforcement offices, cleansing services and ground maintenance.

The evidence shows that the issue of environmental quality remains a high priority for individuals and communities across Scotland. The concerns of local people need to be taken seriously.

The report contains a number of recommendations for the Scottish Government; public, private and third sectors and individuals and communities, but stresses that now is the time to prioritise environmental quality; to take action to stop further decline.

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