Freedom Bakery, a social enterprise based in a prison near to Glasgow has launched a funding campaign to expand to a second bakery on the outside of the prison walls. The project trains inmates at HMP Low Moss in artisan baking with the intention of helping them find a job once they are released.

If fundraising is successful Freedom Bakery plans to take on wholesale orders for cafes, restaurants and shops and open a small publicly accessible shop if there is space. Freedom 2 will offer artisan baking classes to the general public, but importantly will provide prisoners with community placements, work on day release and extra job opportunities on their release.

Founder Matt Fountain said,

“Demand is growing enormously, which is fantastic, however, based solely inside the prison we are beginning to find capacity is limited. We want to change all this so that we can grow as a business and our apprentices can grow as bakers and people. We work with people who would otherwise have little or no opportunities in life, using their incarceration as an opportunity to allow the discovery of themselves as confident, valuable members of society as well as confident baking and catering professionals.”

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