A £2 million investment is enabling greater roll out of a programme which is giving people the power to make decisions on spending in their local area.

The new Community Choices Fund aims to build on the £500,000 invested in participatory budgeting projects in 14 local authority areas in 2015/16 and the further initiatives taking place across another six areas.

Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi said,

“By creating this new Community Choices Fund and increasing our investment to £2 million we are putting our money where our mouth is on community empowerment. Every community in Scotland has different needs and challenges. We want to see more decision-making handed to local people- especially in choosing local spending priorities. The roll out of our pilot project will massively expand opportunities for councils, communities and public bodies to get people involved.”

More information about participatory budgeting is available at http://pbscotland.scot/


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