We hope you enjoyed the Reassuring the Public Event and find these slides useful.

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Confidence in the Justice System – Neil Davidson, Scottish Government

Neil presented findings of the literature review on public perceptions of confidence in the justice system.

Fear of Crime – Gathering the Evidence and Engancing Understanding – Thea McGovern, Leith Agency

Thea presented on three research strands which included;

  • Qualitative Data from focus groups on how fear of crime and confidence in the justice system manifests itself in everyday life
  • Semiotic findings on what cultural factors are likley to shape people’s feelings, anxiety levels and perceptions of crime
  • Quantitative data providing analytical evidence on how fear and perceptions of crime affect specific groups within our communities

Sharing Practice – Community Led Action Research –  Kate McHendry & Robert Cuthbert, SCDC

Presentation on using community led action research to test whether increasing community cohesion would reduce community disorder/fear of crime.

Sharing Practice – Procedural Justice Projects – Sara MacQueen, Scottish Institute of Policing Research

Information on the Scottish Community Engagement Trial (ScotCet)

Sharing Practice – Procedural Justice Projects – Dr. Annette Robertson and Lesley McMillan, Glasgow Caledonian University

Information on the Scottish Police and Citizen Engagement Trial.