Dundee is a large city, which had a problem with youth related disorder and ant-social behaviour in the northeast of the city.  In 1991 a programme was set up by the police for P7 pupils, who were about to go into secondary education to teach them what could happen in various situations such as Personal, Road, Water and Home Safety, and how to avoid them.

Originally a programme for schools in the North West of Dundee was held at Baluniefield Police Station.  The feedback from this first session allowed the organisers to judge if it was a success or not.  As the programme was deemed to be successful in Dundee it now has a wider reach covering the whole of the Tayside area.  The programme runs for three weeks due to the large number of primary schools in the Tayside area.  Each Local Authority area has different needs, that identified what sort of input and the partner agency invited onto the delivery side of the initiative.  For example, if there had been damage to buses in Dundee, then Dundee would get the bus company to come along and deliver information.  The anti-social side may be picked up on by Community wardens etc.

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