LGBT Youth Scotland recently ran an event looking at LGBT experiences of domestic abuse.

One in four LGBT people will experience domestic abuse, the same rate as for heterosexual/cisgender women.

Lack of recognition

Awareness of LGBT domestic abuse suffers from:

  • domestic abuse being seen primarily through the lens of ‘men’s violence against women’
  • A lack of visibility in relationships & sexual health education & in mainstream domestic abuse campaigns
  • Negative stereotypes of same-sex relationships & transgender identities in media
  • Minimisation and internalised homophobia

Transgender people were significantly more likely to experience domestic abuse, with 80% of respondents to one study having experienced some form of domestic abuse.

LGBT people also several experienced barriers to accessing inclusive services – including real or perceived homo/bi/transphobia from service providers.

Download the event presentation here.

Download an LGBT Domestic Abuse Resource Guide here.