Gas Safety

This page provides a list of useful publications and documents on gas safety.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Advice from SGN

This article by SGN features some top tips on Carbon Monoxide Safety.

It’s our top priority to keep everyone safe and warm in their homes all year round – making sure you’re aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide is one of the ways we can do that. 

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas that is produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels (including gas, oil, wood, petrol and coal). It can’t be seen, heard, smelt, or tasted – which is why it’s known as the ‘Silent Killer’. It’s really important to keep you and your loved ones safe from CO poisoning all year round – you can do this by following our six steps to CO safety:

Check the flame

The flame on your gas hob should be crisp and blue, not lazy and orange. You should also check for black marks on or around the appliance, the pilot light frequently blowing out or too much condensation – these can be signs CO is present.

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2020

Factsheets and Guidance

A range of fact sheets and guidance documents have been produced by new safety initiative United Against Carbon Monoxide for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2020. Download them below:



General Gas Safety Publications