We invite you to join Voluntary Health Scotland at this event exploring the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine programme on health inequalities.

In April 2021, VHS launched its briefing report ‘Vaccine Inclusion – Reducing inequalities one Vaccine at a time’. The report seeks to explore the key barriers and enablers to accessing the COVID-19 vaccine and how the vaccine delivery model can be improved to reduce inequalities and provide holistic support to those who need it the most.

This event will look at the key messages from the report exploring that our health system has a clear moral and human rights duty to those vulnerable groups who fall through the gaps of public service provision to ensure that they are not failed by this crucially important public health intervention. Some of the key demographics highlighted within the research are at very high risk if they do contract COVID-19, including people who are homeless, prisoners, people living in poverty, people who abuse drugs and alcohol, black and ethnic minority groups, gypsy travellers, refugees and asylum seekers.

The report calls against viewing the Covid-19 vaccine programme as a silo: the programme has to be part of a whole-system, preventative approach to public health and to health inequalities. This requires a joined up suite of interventions that not only help people access the vaccine but supports them to stay well afterwards and enables them to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations safely.

There are a number of recommendations but one key area the report highlights is the importance of involving third sector and community partners in the planning, communications and delivery of public health interventions that could help prevent, mitigate and reduce health inequalities

If you are a third sector organisation working actively to support people’s health and wellbeing, you can help by attending this event to share your experience and local intelligence. We also welcome attendees working for the NHS, health and social care partnerships and other public sector services.

Speakers: Claire Stevens, Chief Executive, Voluntary Health Scotland, will present the research recommendations. Other speakers to be announced.

Please contact Lauren Blair if you have any questions lauren.blair@vhscotland.org.uk