Business Crime Prevention Team - Police Scotland

“Once someone has been in prison, they need never go back”
Kevin turned his life around from a life of crime, he will tell us how he did it

Kevin spent much of his life on the wrong side of the law. He would never have thought he could one day be working with the police…but here we are. He has an extraordinary story that you will find both intriguing and inspirational.

Kevin is the co-founder of the charity Aid & Abet. They support people involved in the criminal justice system in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian, with a focus on those who have been in custody. It is an initiative that is led by people who have, themselves, been in prison, mostly as a result of addiction problems. This direct experience gives Aid & Abet its strength.

Join us for this 30 minute micro session where PC Carole Wyllie of the Business Crime Prevention Team will interview Kevin (not under caution this time) and give us all a look into his difficult yet amazing life changing journey.