March 29


09:00 am - 02:00 pm

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Scottish Community Safety Network


Wheatley House

25 Cochrane Street, Glasgow, G1 1HL

Glasgow, Glasgow, GB, G1 1HL

The Scottish Community Safety Network brings you a screening of the documentary film ‘The Wisdom of Trauma’ with Dr Gabor Mate.

Wisdom of Trauma Screening Synopsis

The Scottish Government’s ambition, shared with COSLA and many other partners, including the Scottish Community Safety Network, is for a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive workforce across Scotland, ensuring that services and care are delivered in ways that:

  • are informed by people with lived experience
  • recognises the importance of wellbeing in the workforce
  • recognises where people are affected by trauma and adversity
  • responds in ways that prevent further harm
  • supports recovery
  • can address inequalities and improve life chances

Why is the SCSN thinking about trauma awareness & trauma informed practice/care?

In 2011 the Christie Commission published its’ report on public sector reform, with four pillars or principles – including a decisive shift towards prevention, and empowering people and communities.

At SCSN, we believe in evidence based policy and practice. We know that across a range of community safety issues including, but not limited, to violent crime, justice, anti-social behaviour, hate crime – overwhelming evidence shows that trauma lies at the heart of the causes; and being trauma informed, with a focus on prevention and compassion, is key to finding long-term solutions.

There are some fantastic examples of work in Scotland taking a trauma informed, public health approach to some of these issues – including at the Improvement Service and Violence Reduction Unit.

However, there is so much work to be done across many areas – including winning over hearts and minds to more compassionate approaches to some of the biggest social problems facing our communities.

The Wisdom of Trauma

THE WISDOM OF TRAUMA is a power guide to the world of trauma. The film weaves personal stories with Dr. Mate’s unique approach to healing trauma and illness in thecontext of powerful social critique.

It travels from the streets of downtown Vancouver to San Francisco, visiting a prisonyard, and observing a psychedelic healing session, while witnessing the authentichumanity shining through the wounds of those encountered.

When the connection between trauma, illness and societal stress is properlyunderstood, these conditions can provide important openings for compassion andself-awareness, which in turn are major tools in recovery and healing.

Dr. Mate’s vision for a trauma-informed society invites us all to be part of the risingof a culture guided by deep compassion for one another.


Following the screening of the movie, there will be an expert panel discussion with a chance to ask questions and offer your own reflections and suggestions.

Panellists will be confirmed in due course.

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If you cannot attend for any reason, please inform us at so that we may reassign your booking.

We want to reach as many people as possible with this hugely important message.

Special thanks

The SCSN would like to give special thanks to our friends at the Wheatley Group for hosting and sponsoring this film screening.


Please note that this film deals with themes including trauma, abuse and addiction which some may find disturbing.