March 30


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Scottish Community Safety Network

An interactive, practical workshop focussed on collaborative community engagement.

On 30th March,10am – 12pm, SCSN will deliver an interactive, practical workshop focused on collaborative community engagement. The 2-hour session will build on attendees existing understanding, skills and confidence, and help enable them to create better dialogues with the communities they work with. This event is for Community Safety Partnership members.

The workshop is an opportunity to learn from peers, contribute ideas and problem-solve collaboratively. There will be real life community safety scenarios, inviting attendees to work together, to brainstorm how they might engage with people, to better shape our community safety responses. This will include (1) setting community safety strategic priorities, (2) creating a response to an increase in drink spiking, (3) understanding the reasons for increases of falls in the home. In the workshop, SCSN will offer tools and insight, and suggest some approaches for consideration, The attendees will be challenged to provide the answers!