On Monday 3rd February, we hosted a fishbowl discussion on antisocial behaviour as part of the Firestarter Festival. The discussion centred on how society and policy could view antisocial behaviour with a more compassionate, trauma-informed lens that accounts for and addresses the social determinants underlying behaviours and still supports victims. We discussed what ‘pro-social’ behaviour might look like, and how to move the discourse towards one that celebrates strengths rather than shortcomings.

Key discussion points included how young people are associated with antisocial behaviour even though current data demonstrates that adults are more likely to be involved. We also considered solutions, like the need for peer support within communities and investment in local universal preventative services like youth work and management of issues such as mental health and drug and alcohol use. Many of the participants also touched on the role that conflict resolution, mediation and restorative justice approaches could play in securing early resolution to issues.

Read the full report here.