Public Policy Exchange will be hosting a webinar on Confronting Hate Crime: Protecting Vulnerable Groups and Promoting a Tolerant Society which will take place on Tuesday, March 15th 2022 from 9:30 AM — 1:00 PM.

Key Speakers –

  • Claire Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for London
  • Rose Simkins, Chief Executive of Stop Hate UK
  • Andy Fearn, Co-Exec Director at Protection Approaches
  • Dr Jo Smith, Chair of the Hate Crime Network
  • Prof Jon Garland, Professor of Criminology at the University of Surrey
  • Leah Robinson, Restorative Justice Development Officer at Why me?
  • Menara Ahmed, Senior VAWG, Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime Manager for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets


  • Assess the impact of the Hate Crime Action Plan and opportunities for a new strategy on hate crime
  • Analyse the existing legislative framework surrounding hate crime, considering the Law Commission’s proposals for reform
  • Discuss Scotland’s recent Hate Crime Act, exploring opportunities for further legislative reform across the rest of the UK
  • Examine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and other trigger events on the incidence of racial abuse and other hate crimes
  • Consider the possibility of including sex and gender as protected characteristics, and misogyny’s consequent inclusion as a form of hate crime
  • Raise awareness of the disparity in sentencing for different forms of hate crime, and consider methods for ensuring equal treatment
  • Discuss the value of educational programs in tackling hate crime, particularly among young people
  • Formulate strategies for increasing levels of reporting by victims of hate crime
  • Explore how the police and authorities can better respond to reports of hate crime within their communities, including in their recording of hate crimes
  • Consider methods to ensure the safety and wellbeing of marginalised groups across the UK
  • Raise awareness of the impact of hate crime on marginalised groups, and discuss strategies for providing support for victims of hate crime
  • Examine the existence of sectarianism in the UK and how to tackle it
  • Share best practice in local efforts to tackle hate crime and promote tolerance
  • Assess the impact of social media and online behaviour on levels and forms of hate crime

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