Disability Hate Crime

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability project aimed at raising awareness and understanding of disability hate crime through the use of theatre. This project was runner-up in the Strengthening Community Engagement and Resilience category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Friends Request

Friends Request Project uses a multi-faceted approach to raising awareness of stalking and associated behaviour. The Project won the Early Intervention and Education category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

I Am Me / Keep Safe

Partnership approach to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime. The project has two key elements; I Am Me and Keep Safe. This project won the Wider Partnership category in the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Judge For Yourself

Takes a creative approach to engaging communities in dialogue about the effects of prejudice on individuals and communities. The project won the Innovative Media Campaign in the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Mid Galloway Young Teams

In 2012 Mid Galloway experienced the most severe snow storms in its history, rendering villages, towns and farms cut off and isolated. During the emergency operations young people and volunteers proved invaluable in assisting residents, delivering food and checking on vulnerable members of the community. In light of this emergency, the local authority created Community Resilience Teams (CRT) to prepare and plan for emergencies. Due to the positive impact that young people made during the 2012 emergency and following on from the successful Mid Galloway Young Citizen project, the Mid Galloway Young Teams were created, providing young people with training, skills and confidence to assist during future emergency situations.

New Drug Trend Awareness

This initiative consisted of a media campaign targeting Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS or ‘legal highs’) over the festive period and outreach work within licensed premises and at educational establishments. A drug resource pack was developed by Crew (Drug service based in Edinburgh) for those working with young people. Frontline staff in substance misuse services and primary care teams were trained in emerging trends in the NPS ‘market’ and how to respond to people using these substances. Information and intelligence was also monitored through a local drug trend monitoring forum.

Recovery Cafe

Recovery Cafe provides an alcohol-free alternative to the local night-time economy in East Dunbartonshire. This project won the Strenthening Community Engagement and Resilience category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.


Highlights a number of initiatives introduced by Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership to better inform visitors and locals of the dangers on the island including the introduction of route cards, summer/winter booklet and the use of SMART signs. This project was runner up in the Innovative Media Campaign at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

The Risk Factory

Scotland’s only interactive Safety Centre.

Trading Standards Royal Mail Project

Multi-agency approach to help stop financial and psychological abuse caused through scam mail. This project was runner-up in the Wider Partnership category of the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Wigtownshire Community Resilience Project

Following severe snow storms in 2012, Dumfries and Galloway Local Authority implemented plans to mitigate risks and prepare communities for future emergencies. In conjunction with the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Community Resilience Teams (CRT) were formed within each of the Community Council areas of Wigtownshire. The project aimed to empower communities to become more resilient by enabling them to identify risks, formulate suitable responses and work in partnership with existing emergency response agencies to overcome adversity.