Anti Sectarian Initiative

Workshops were delivered to P7 pupils in the Larkhall area of South Lanarkshire to reduce the incidences of sectarian anti-social behaviour. Pupils utilised the medium of both art work and short plays to highlight key messages in relation to sectarianism and these were displayed and performed at an event which was attended by family, friends, councillors and the media.

Anti-Social Behaviour Problem Solving Partnership

Development of an ASB Problem Solving Partnership to develop an integrated, multi-agency operational approach to tackling ASB and to oversee ground level ASB subgroups.

Dog Fouling Campaign

The Dog Fouling Campaign is a key initiative within Renfrewshire Council Environmental Services’ Service Improvement Plan with ambitious objectives to reduce dog fouling in areas which have been identified by the public.

Fire Safety Project

The ‘Fire Safety Project’ minimises the risk of fatal fire for the most vulnerable people in South Ayrshire through the provision of safety equipment. A strong partnership approach between voluntary and statutory agencies ensures that additional support is provided through joint Home Fire Safety visits to ensure trust is built with vulnerable people.

Managing Drug Related Litter

The Managing Drug Related Litter project was set up to reduce the number of injecting materials discarded in open spaces. It engaged with the users to come up with suitable advertising and procedures to reduce instances of drug related sharps being left as litter.

Mid Galloway Young Citizens Project

The project focuses on developing opportunities for young people to work with service providers on intergenerational pieces of work with older members of their community in a non-threatening and pro-active manner, promoting active citizenship.

Operation Begonia

Operation Begonia is a multi-agency initiative which aims to identify women involved in ‘on street’ sex work and provide them with a tailored response in an effort to educate them away from the lifestyle.

Public Reassurance Initiatives – Westcliff

This practice note covers a multi-agency initiative in the Westcliff area of Dumbarton which was developed to tackle issues including anti-social behaviour and the local environment. The plan and resulting actions were based upon community views and intelligence gathered through meaningful engagement, interviews, surveys and public consultations, and followed a public reassurance model, with implementation of problem-solving approaches to tackle these issues.

Safe as Houses

The Safe As Houses project is included within Edinburgh’s Violence Reduction Programme, a multi agency five year violence reduction strategy. The project is aimed at female council tenants in Edinburgh experiencing domestic abuse and provides additional safety measures for those tenants at risk of domestic abuse and allows them to stay in their current accommodation. This is a valuable option for women who may have otherwise been made homeless due to domestic abuse.