We currently provide a range of bespoke training courses, bringing our knowledge and expertise directly to you, at your place of work or preferred meeting venue. The courses we currently offer include:

  • Evaluation (1 Day) Cost: £300 (members) £750 (non-members)
  • Applying for Awards and Funding (1 Day) Cost: £300 (members) £750 (non-members)
  • Community Resilience and Engagement (1 Day) Cost: £300 (members) £750 (non-members)
  • Preventative Spend Cost Benefit Analysis (1Day) Cost: £300 (members) £750 (non-members)
  • Evidence Based Strategic Planning Partner Brief (1/2 Day) Cost: Free (members), £300 (non-members)
  • Evidence Based Strategic Planning Modules 2-4 (3 Days) Cost: £1,500 (members), £3,000 (non-members)

Please note that it is the responsibility of the host organisation to supply a suitable venue and catering. SCSN also provide commissioned support in developing evidence based strategic planning documents, if you want to know more please get in touch.

For more information on out bespoke service contact: T: 0131 225 7772 / 0131 225 8700 E: info@scsn.org.uk