SCSN Publications are produced through research with our member organisations. They provide a snapshot of where community safety in Scotland is at and how the community safety sector is contributing to the national agenda and national drivers.

Community Safety – the emerging landscape and future opportunities (2018)

A joint report by SCSN, the Building Safer Communities Programme and COSLA considering the national and local context of Community Safety, setting out key Principles for a Community Safety Narrative, and identifying and exploring future opportunities.

Safer Communities and Lasting Legacies (2016)

SCSN has recently been working closely with Network Rail in the delivery of small grants that support cross cutting issues and have just produced a comprehensive report on the contributions these projects have made to national strategies and frameworks.

Community Safety and the National Agenda (2014)

The focus of this research was on identifying current local practices that contribute to the national agenda, in particular the Justice Strategy for Scotland.

A current view of Community Safety Partnerships in Scotland (2013)

This research sought to identify what impact public sector reform was having on community safety partnerships and focused in particular on funding, partner commitment and tasking and information sharing.

A Current View of Community Safety in Scotland (2012)

The purpose of this research was to build an up to date and comprehensive evidence base of current structures and existing practice in the community safety sector in Scotland in order to begin building an evidence base of what works and why.

History and Context of Community Safety in Scotland (2011)

This guidance note aims to provide a basic history and context of community safety in Scotland. It is not intended to be an in-depth guide but rather to provide the reader with an understanding of community safety in the Scottish context. A more in-depth account is detailed in the e-learning module which is available here.