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Anti Sectarian Initiative

Workshops were delivered to P7 pupils in the Larkhall area of South Lanarkshire to reduce the incidences of sectarian anti-social behaviour. Pupils utilised the medium of both art work and short plays to highlight key messages in relation to sectarianism and these were displayed and performed at an event which was attended by family, friends, councillors and the media.

Anti-Social Behaviour Problem Solving Partnership

Development of an ASB Problem Solving Partnership to develop an integrated, multi-agency operational approach to tackling ASB and to oversee ground level ASB subgroups.

Argyll and Bute Junior Environment Wardens

Promotion of environmental awareness and citizenship in 8-12 year olds through activities such as: litter picks, fire station visits and poster design sessions.

Child Exploitation & Online Protection

Finalists in the Early Intervention and Education category of the 2016 Safer Communities Awards. This Lanarkshire based initiative sought to treat the target audience of children/young people as the experts who simply needed some guidance as to the parameters in which they could safely interact with the internet. Advice was sought from the audience as to how improvements could be made. By respecting the young people’s knowledge and focussing discussions on their decision-making process, police officers were able to get children/young people to open up about their experiences through which the real underlying issues could be identified and addressed.

Disability Hate Crime

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability project aimed at raising awareness and understanding of disability hate crime through the use of theatre. This project was runner-up in the Strengthening Community Engagement and Resilience category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Dog Fouling Campaign

The Dog Fouling Campaign is a key initiative within Renfrewshire Council Environmental Services’ Service Improvement Plan with ambitious objectives to reduce dog fouling in areas which have been identified by the public.

Doo The Right Thing

Prevention of ASB and underage and binge drinking in young people through the diversionary and educational activity of pigeon racing.

East Dunbartonshire Off-sales Initiative

Initiative to reduce underage drinking through the provision of diversionary activities, the promotion of responsible sales practices within off-licences and the education of adults acting as purchasers of alcohol for young people.

East Renfrewshire Domestic Noise Wardens Service

Provision of a 24 hour domestic noise service through a Domestic Noise Wardens system run from the CCTV control room.

Edinburgh Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Establishment of Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) in Edinburgh and the development of an 8 stage community engagement model to provide a framework for community based policing.

Equally Well Fife Test Site

The Fife Equally Well test site focuses on reducing the underlying causes and outcomes of ASB, specifically alcohol consumption amongst young people. The test site seeks to refocus and reconfigure partner agencies towards the most deprived areas.

Fife Cares

Development of a partnership model for delivering services to older people and vulnerable people and families in relation to safety and security in the home.

Fife Tasking Model

Framework for sharing and analysing data, identifying monthly priorities and recommending alternative strategies for tactical response.

Fife Water Safety Initiative

Winner of the People’s Choice Award 2016. Following the deaths of two young males at a known swimming spot in an abandoned quarry there was a great deal of public pressure to tackle the issue. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) used their expertise in youth education formulating a partnership with Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the local authority and education services to develop a project that educated young people about the dangers of open water drowning, cold water shock and the harsh realities associated with the limitations available to perform rescues and the emotional impact following a death from drowning.

Fire Safety Project

The ‘Fire Safety Project’ minimises the risk of fatal fire for the most vulnerable people in South Ayrshire through the provision of safety equipment. A strong partnership approach between voluntary and statutory agencies ensures that additional support is provided through joint Home Fire Safety visits to ensure trust is built with vulnerable people.

Focus on Doorstep Crime

Initiative utilising a combination of awareness raising, preventative measures and the empowerment of older people and children to deter travelling criminals and local opportunists.

Fordoun Underpass Project

Project to transform a vandalised underpass into a well lit, safe area through the collaboration with the local community, local police and school children.

Formartine Ward Forums

The use of bi-annual Ward Forums using a variety of formats (world café, Dragons Den etc.) to engage with communities and stakeholders to identify priority issues.

Freestyle Environmental Visual Audit (FEVA)

This South Ayrshire project were winners of the 2016 Safer Communities Strengthening Community Engagement and Resilience Award. Wallacetoun had a large number of environmental issues from litter and dog fouling to fly tipping. The project built on previous multi-agency work to tackle concerns raised over the inappropriately disposal of drug paraphernalia, and to develop a multi-agency intergenerational project which would have had an impact on environmental issues, whilst educating young people to the dangers of issues such as fire raising, dog fouling and discarded alcohol and drug paraphernalia.

Friends Request

Friends Request Project uses a multi-faceted approach to raising awareness of stalking and associated behaviour. The Project won the Early Intervention and Education category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Glasgow’s Night Radio Network

Development of a radio communication network between door stewards in Glasgow City Centre and the Police to allow information dissemination and rapid response to potential hotspot areas.

Hamilton Safer Street Initiative – Evaluation

This final evaluation report relates to the actual performance against targets/changes in baseline; to ensure that the outcomes/achievements reflect objectives set out in the original application.

Hamilton Safer Streets Initiative

Partnership based initiative to prioritise alcohol related disorder, drink/drug offences and violent crime using a mix of high profile policing, diversionary activities, use of CCTV and taxi marshalling.

Hillview ASB Partnership

Creation of a localised project team between Housing Davison, Tayside Police and Joint Service Team to tackle a hotspot area for crime, vandalism and ASB through community engagement and joined up working.

I Am Me / Keep Safe

Partnership approach to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime. The project has two key elements; I Am Me and Keep Safe. This project won the Wider Partnership category in the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Inverclyde Intergenerational Project

Initiative to run activities for young and older people to increase community cohesion and reduce ASB.

Judge For Yourself

Takes a creative approach to engaging communities in dialogue about the effects of prejudice on individuals and communities. The project won the Innovative Media Campaign in the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Just Play

Just Play has been developed in the context of the Early Years Framework. The project uses play as a means of working with vulnerable families to improve family interaction, build strong family bonds while reducing offending behaviour within the family. The project was runner-up in the Early Intervention and Education category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Legal Highs – Mid Galloway Youth Production

In July 2012, Dumfries and Galloway Council noted that legal highs were becoming an increasing problem. In a bid to tackle this, Community Learning and Development (CLD), in partnership with other community safety partners, planned and implemented a project that aimed to support a group of young people to research a piece of work on the topic of legal highs and to use the evidence gathered to produce an informative media resource that could be used to raise awareness of the dangers of legal highs.

Locality Integration Officers

The use of Police Local Integration Officers to deliver community safety to young people though programmes tailored within the curriculum for excellence and diversionary activities.

Managing Drug Related Litter

The Managing Drug Related Litter project was set up to reduce the number of injecting materials discarded in open spaces. It engaged with the users to come up with suitable advertising and procedures to reduce instances of drug related sharps being left as litter.

Maryhill Neighbourhood Watch

Re-launch of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes to encourage local residents to work together to keep their communities safe.

Mid Galloway Young Citizens Project

The project focuses on developing opportunities for young people to work with service providers on intergenerational pieces of work with older members of their community in a non-threatening and pro-active manner, promoting active citizenship.

Mid Galloway Young Teams

In 2012 Mid Galloway experienced the most severe snow storms in its history, rendering villages, towns and farms cut off and isolated. During the emergency operations young people and volunteers proved invaluable in assisting residents, delivering food and checking on vulnerable members of the community. In light of this emergency, the local authority created Community Resilience Teams (CRT) to prepare and plan for emergencies. Due to the positive impact that young people made during the 2012 emergency and following on from the successful Mid Galloway Young Citizen project, the Mid Galloway Young Teams were created, providing young people with training, skills and confidence to assist during future emergency situations.

New Drug Trend Awareness

This initiative consisted of a media campaign targeting Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS or ‘legal highs’) over the festive period and outreach work within licensed premises and at educational establishments. A drug resource pack was developed by Crew (Drug service based in Edinburgh) for those working with young people. Frontline staff in substance misuse services and primary care teams were trained in emerging trends in the NPS ‘market’ and how to respond to people using these substances. Information and intelligence was also monitored through a local drug trend monitoring forum.

New Horizons Programme

Diversionary and disciplinary programme for youths aged 14-17 with a history of ASB and offending to create an understanding of the impact of their behaviour, to develop citizenship skills and aid their personal development.

Next Steps

Launched in 2010, Venture Trusts Next Steps programme aims to support women of all ages who have been involved in the criminal justice system, and helps them to reduce their risk of re-offending and move towards a positive destination in employment, education, training or volunteering. This was achieved through delivery of a wilderness-based personal development programme.

NKBL Peer Education Project

No Knives, Better Lives (NKBL) is Scottish Government initiative launched in 2009 and has been working with a range of local partners to educate young people about the dangers and consequences of carrying knives and promote positive life choices to young people. As part of this, a peer education programme was developed by Fast Forward in conjunction with local practitioners. The programme supports young people to deliver interactive and relevant anti-violence education to their peers.

North Ayrshire Home Security Project

Project to provide practical support in relation to home security measures including security lighting, additional locks etc. The project was initially set up to deal with rising levels of domestic abuse and has been rolled out further to incorporate the prevention and detection of racial abuse.

North Ayrshire Multi-agency Problem-solving Group

Creation of a Multi-Agency Problem Solving Group to promote the sharing of information and intelligence in order to target hot spots and problem areas.

NPS Community Improvement Partnership (CIP)

Winner of the Early Intervention and Education Award at the 2016 Safer Communities Awards. The partnership included members from the City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh Division (Police Scotland), Edinburgh Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and NHS Lothian. The project aimed to reduce the harmful effects that NPS by applying for new legislation to disrupt the sale of NPS products, and developing an education programme to increase awareness of the dangers of NPS use.

Older People’s Stay Safe Project

A survey undertaken with 350 people from the over fifty age group in The Highlands indicated that they were lacking information and education on personal safety within their homes and communities, and also on signposting to services available for older people. This led to the creation of a peer speaking programme, initially within the Inverness area, which delivered talks in various settings to this age group on doorstep safety, scams and falls prevention.

Operation Begonia

Operation Begonia is a multi-agency initiative which aims to identify women involved in ‘on street’ sex work and provide them with a tailored response in an effort to educate them away from the lifestyle.

Outer Hebrides Visitor Safety Initiative – Update October 2011

Initiative to have an intelligence led intervention programme to promote safety awareness to the tourist visitors to the Outer Hebrides.

Pathhead Problem Solving Profile

Police led initiative to tackle ASB and increase local people’s confidence in the police through community engagement, improved police communication and redevelopment and the regeneration of the village hall.

Public Reassurance Initiatives – Westcliff

This practice note covers a multi-agency initiative in the Westcliff area of Dumbarton which was developed to tackle issues including anti-social behaviour and the local environment. The plan and resulting actions were based upon community views and intelligence gathered through meaningful engagement, interviews, surveys and public consultations, and followed a public reassurance model, with implementation of problem-solving approaches to tackle these issues.

Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives

Running since early 2005, Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives (RDWL) is a pan-Ayrshire educational programme which aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge of road safety issues in those young people who are about to embark on learning to drive, and their potential passengers.

Recovery Cafe

Recovery Cafe provides an alcohol-free alternative to the local night-time economy in East Dunbartonshire. This project won the Strenthening Community Engagement and Resilience category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Safe as Houses

The Safe As Houses project is included within Edinburgh’s Violence Reduction Programme, a multi agency five year violence reduction strategy. The project is aimed at female council tenants in Edinburgh experiencing domestic abuse and provides additional safety measures for those tenants at risk of domestic abuse and allows them to stay in their current accommodation. This is a valuable option for women who may have otherwise been made homeless due to domestic abuse.

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Running since 2002, ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ is a Fife-wide annual road safety event which aims to increase young drivers’ awareness of safe driving practice and the potential consequences of poor practices on the road. Its main objectives are to raise awareness around speeding and bad driving habits, change attitudes and ultimately reduce casualty numbers.


Development of the SafeBase project to provide a sheltered facility for people feeling unsafe or vulnerable whilst out at night in Stirling between 10pm and 2am and to provide drug and alcohol counselling and first aid if required.

Safebase Evaluation

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of The Stirling Community Planning Partnership’s SafeBase09 initiative. The SafeBase09 initiative ran in November and December 2009 in Stirling City Centre, and was targeted at enhancing community safety, reducing anti-social behaviour and reducing perceptions of vulnerability for those in the City Centre.

Safer Aberdeen Phone App

In a bid to reach people under the age of 30 years with important messages that would enable them to keep safe on nights out in Aberdeen City, the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) decided on a novel approach. Using a multi-agency approach they designed and implemented a Smartphone App for Android and Apple phones. The App included important safety messages such as information and links to keep safe on nights out, use of the safe transport route and guiding people to the taxi marshals.

Safer Streets – Domestic Abuse

Two month Safer Streets – Domestic Abuse Pilot involving referrals from partner organisations to provide immediate response to victims of domestic abuse within 24 hours of it being reported to the police.

Safety Advisory Group

This Scottish Borders Project were finalists in the Wider Partnership category of the Safer Communities Awards 2016. The SAG process provides a ‘one stop shop’ for event organisers. Prior to the introduction of SAG event organisers had to send emails and make phone calls to many agencies and departments. Now they have everyone they need to meet around the table.

Scottish Borders Rural Crime Prevention

Winners of the Safer Communities Awards 2016 Innovative Media Campaign Award. Between 2012 and 2015 there was a dramatic increase (138%) in the volume and value of rural thefts. The impact of rural crime on communities and their economy resulted in Scottish Border Council and Police Scotland establishing a project to reduce incidents of rural crime by raising awareness of security and crime prevention and empowering farmers to be responsible for their own property.

See Off Scams

‘See Off Scams’ is an ongoing awareness-raising intervention led by Dundee Community Safety Partnership which was launched in August 2010.

Show Racism the Red Card

The use of the Show Racism the Red Card brand and initiatives in conjunction with St Johnstone FC to promote the anti-racism message to young people as a core early intervention model.


Highlights a number of initiatives introduced by Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership to better inform visitors and locals of the dangers on the island including the introduction of route cards, summer/winter booklet and the use of SMART signs. This project was runner up in the Innovative Media Campaign at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

South Lanarkshire Active Schools Pilot Project

Educational project with diversionary activities set up by Network Rail and SportScotland to reduce railway crime. Active Schools initiative provides physical activity opportunities in schools and the No Messin’ campaign is focussed on railway safety and draws young people from ASB into local clubs and diversionary activities.

Street Stuff

Provision of mobile diversionary activities including youth activity bus, football pitches, skate parks, DJ workshops and gym sessions in order to reduce ASB and violence.


This Edinburgh project were winners of the 2016 Safer Communities Wider Partnership Award. To tackle local perceptions of the area and reduce fear of crime the #StrongerNorth multi-agency strategic response was established. #StrongerNorth aimed to improve responses to individuals engaged in offending and ASB; provide a cleaner, greener environment, enhance opportunities for young people, develop approaches to working with families engaged in or at risk of crime and improving communication and engagement with residents.

The Risk Factory

Scotland’s only interactive Safety Centre.

Trading Standards Royal Mail Project

Multi-agency approach to help stop financial and psychological abuse caused through scam mail. This project was runner-up in the Wider Partnership category of the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

Victim Impact and Perpetrator Vulnerability Procedure

Formalisation of a partnership between Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team and Social Services to create a Victim and Perpetrator Vulnerability Procedure to identify and support people experiencing and committing ASB.

Wigtownshire Community Resilience Project

Following severe snow storms in 2012, Dumfries and Galloway Local Authority implemented plans to mitigate risks and prepare communities for future emergencies. In conjunction with the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Community Resilience Teams (CRT) were formed within each of the Community Council areas of Wigtownshire. The project aimed to empower communities to become more resilient by enabling them to identify risks, formulate suitable responses and work in partnership with existing emergency response agencies to overcome adversity.

You’re Asking For It

Finalists in the Innovative Media Campaign Award at the Safer Communities Awards 2016. ‘YOU’RE ASKING FOR IT’ was established in response to concerns about young people access to alcohol. The project adopted a holistic approach involving young people, retailers, parents and adults in the community, putting the community at the heart of the solutions. The project worked collaboratively to reduce the supply of alcohol through engagement, education and enforcement.