Our Partners

SCSN brings together people and organisations who are involved in community safety in Scotland to work towards its vision that;

‘People are safe from crime, disorder and danger, and free from injury and harm and communities are socially cohesive and tolerant; are resilient and able to support individuals to take responsibility for their wellbeing.’

Working collaboratively with a range of partners is essential if we are to deliver on our vision and we therefore work in partnership with a range of different organisations at a national level.

Included in this section are details of some of our partnership organisations and links to their websites.

Antisocial Behaviour Officers Forum (ASBOF)

The purpose of the ASBOF is to-

  • Facilitate communication between local authority Anti Social Behaviour Investigation Teams and/or Anti Social Behaviour Officers
  • Share good practice by inviting speakers to meetings
  • Facilitate dissemination of legal cases and precedents to members
  • Facilitate communication between partner forums and organisations
  • Facilitate dissemination of Scottish Government policy
  • Contribute to future Scottish Government  policy and legislation through consultation

Membership is open to officers of local authority Anti Social Behaviour Investigation Teams, Community Safety services with the responsibility for tackling anti social behaviour, and other bodies engaged in tackling anti social behaviour on behalf of local authorities.

Cashback for Communities

The CashBack for Communities programme takes the ill-gotten gains of crime, recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and invests them into community programmes, facilities and activities largely, but not exclusively, for young people at risk of turning to crime and anti-social behaviour as a way of life.

Community Justice Scotland

Community Justice Scotland is responsible for promoting world-leading standards of community justice across Scotland. They provide leadership, training and insight to support community justice partners prevent offending and reduce the number of future victims.


COSLA, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, is the representative voice of Scottish local government, lobbying on behalf of members – 28 out of 32 councils in Scotland.

Home Safety Scotland

Home Safety Scotland consists of home safety officers, community  safety officers, health promotion officers and others from various local authorities and health boards and representatives from private companies.

Inspiring Scotland

Inspiring Scotland is a highly engaged venture philanthropy organisation designed and developed to transform Scotland’s charities and change lives.

Inspiring Scotland has drawn on experience in Australia, the USA and Europe to develop a new model of venture philanthropy tailored to Scotland which:

  • Deploys funds raised with strategic partners to maximum effect.
  • Tackles key social issues in Scotland in a logical and thoughtful way, achieving positive and long-lasting social impact.
  • Offers concerted and sustained support to voluntary organisations capable of addressing these issues.
  • Attracts new money to the charities we work with, by effectively evidencing need and then delivering clear social benefits.
  • Develops learning through rigorous evaluation, sharing successes and failures.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland

Neighbourhood Watch is a community led initiative to bring local people together to address crime and other community safety issues. Neighbourhood Watch groups often liaise with the local police, the local authority and other agencies.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland is a registered charity and is fully supported by a board of volunteer trustees.  With two members of staff, the organisation operates from Stirling.

Currently there are around 1600 registered schemes in Scotland, covering over 90,000 households.  This number is growing steadily as new watches are established.

Our aim is to help people work together to make their communities safer.

Network Rail

Network Rail is the owner, operator and infrastructure manager of Britain’s main railway network. It runs, maintains and develops the core physical infrastructure of the network and has to ensure efficient management of the assets over the short, medium and long-term. While managing the existing fabric of the network, and ensuring its safe use, its role is also to support and implement new initiatives and upgrades, overseeing investment committed to the development of the railways.

SCSN has recently been working closely with Network Rail in the delivery of small grants that support cross cutting issues and have just produced a comprehensive report on the contributions these projects have made to national strategies and frameworks.

Police Scotland

Police Scotland’s purpose is to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities in Scotland. Our focus is on Keeping People Safe which is at the heart of everything that we do.

There are 14 local policing divisions, each headed by a Local Police Commander who ensures that local policing in each area is responsive, accountable and tailored to meet local needs. Each division will encompass response officers, community officers, local crime investigation, road policing, public protection and local intelligence.

Road Safety Scotland

Road Safety Scotland’s primary concern is the safety of all road users. They provide advice and guidance for drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders, as well as teaching notes and class activities for educational professionals.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents was established more than 90 years ago, beginning life as the London Safety First Council. RoSPA spread to Scotland with the formation of the Scottish “Safety First” Council and an office opened in Glasgow in 1930. Now in Edinburgh, our community safety department deals with all home safety enquiries – and there are also specialists in road safety and workplace safety.

Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC)

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre’s objective is creating a secure Scotland for b usiness to flourish in. In effect creating a secure environment where business can trade and prosper securely, regardless of size and sector.

They are a unique organisation comprising contributions and secondments from Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Fire and Rescue, major banks, industries, investors and private membership. They aim to provide their members with a wide ranging one stop shop for business security services and advice. This encompasses everything from premises security, employee safety to cyber security. They are uniquely placed to act as an advocate for commerce across Scotland and to be an independent voice for their members.

Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC)

SCDC provide training and consultancy support in all aspects of community development. They provide support to all organisations and partnerships that work in and with communities. They work across sectors and with a wide range of professions to support community engagement and community capacity building in any context and at strategic and practice level. All of their services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisations and partnerships they support.

Scottish Community Warden Network (SCWN)

Scottish Government Community Safety Unit (CSU)

The Community Safety Unit (CSU) sits within the Police and Community Safety Directorate and is focused on two of the Scottish Government’s national outcomes in particular:

Crime – we live our lives free from crime, disorder and danger.

Communities – We have strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their own actions and how they affect others.

Scottish Police Authority

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) was established under the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 to maintain policing, promote policing principles and continuous improvement of policing, and to hold the Chief Constable to account.

The SPA Board was appointed in October 2012 and is working to ensure that the people of Scotland receive the best policing possible.

The Board will do this through a robust governance approach focused on securing best value, reducing duplication and keeping police officers out in our communities and tackling crime.

Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland providing a single integrated focus for developing national transport projects and policies.

Their role is to deliver the Scottish Government’s purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth through the transport sector and their remit covers all modes of transport.

Voluntary Action Fund (VAF)

The Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) is a long-established independent grant-making body which invests in voluntary organisations and community groups across Scotland.

Through their programmes VAF provide funding and support to a wide range of local and national organisations to tackle disadvantage, challenge inequality and build strong, safe communities.

Youthlink Scotland

YouthLink Scotland is the national agency for youth work. It is a membership organisation and is in the unique position of representing the interests and aspirations of the whole of the sector both voluntary and statutory. YouthLink Scotland champions the role and value of the youth work sector, challenging government at national and local levels to invest in the development of the sector.